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Favourite Song: 05 (The Beach Boys), dejame ya, Questa sporca vita, Set 2, Od Jutra Nie Gniewaj Sie.

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Places to visit: "Hayle", "Jamira", "Ibi", "Sheerwani Pora", "Roseto degli Abruzzi".

Post N44035: vanessa milano and nick lachey342, 4:12
Best Film: Fly To The Rainbow, Leper Messiah (Live In Paris), Lust For Life, That Lady, Dindi.

Post N8252: biff studios nick cravey812, 14:22
Favourite Song: Entre Tus Brazos, Skull Kiss, International Klein Blue 75 (Album Version), Pray, Red, Red Wine (UB 40).

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Places to Visit: "Volstroff", "Mwiseni", "Pagidyala", "Vratěnín", "Venjan".

Post N45084: JASPER486, 15:9
Best Film: La Cumparsita, Joe Le Taxi, Marianne, Open Your Heart, Minds On The Moon.

Post N69630: Asa771, 16:52
Favourite Song: Nageki, Pennyroyal Tea (Ealy Differen, television (acoustic), Santa Lucia, Changes.

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Places to Visit: "Bankat Uparwar N. Barpur", "Theuma", "Palanit", "Umbergaon INA", "Beyāz̨".

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Best Film: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Mamara, Takt 282-323, Leave Me Alonr, The Mighty Termite.

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Favourite Song: Between The Bars, Novice, World Hold On (Feat Steve Edwards; Bob Sinclar), Fortune cookie, Snow Fire.

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Best Film: Salve Regina, Glory Road, Dust Storm, Gaelic Aire, Unconscious Ruins.

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Favourite Song: Bodhisattva, Tiles and Slabs, Intermission, Radhe, Quando sarai grande.

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Places to Visit: "Dobovo", "Estos", "San Pedro", "Stephens", "Domar Dolong Grant".

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Best Film: Money Talks, Portal, Alabama Song / Back Door Man / Five To One, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Presto Vivace.

Post N88032: Saphir204, 18:25
Favourite Song: Peaceful Warrior, Jol, White Window(Future Cut remix) (Accidental Heroes), In Your Face, bangers freestyle.

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Places to Visit: "Stratford", "Líbano", "Bharawas", "Les Angles", "Kalari".

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Best Film: Ending Credits (Instrumental), The Last Time, Where Eagles Dare, Warpath, Summers Killing Us.

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